A gentle approach to the inner work of business.

We all get stuck in our businesses. We all have areas we struggle with–and patterns that repeat themselves. On this site I offer a variety of self-work methods and perspectives that have one thing in common: they take an approach to personal growth that is non-violent.

How can personal growth be violent? To me phrases like, “butt-kicking” or “busting through resistance” perpetuate a split inside ourselves. I don’t find this approach to be compassionate, or effective in the long run. Resistance and negative patterns are parts of us that need attention, and that hold keys to our wholeness.

I believe it is possible, and more effective, to pursue change without force. For example…

  • By listening to your resistance, you can understand your unconscious motivations and work with yourself rather than against yourself. This frees up your natural energy.
  • By supporting your strengths and natural abilities, you can create success without trying to make yourself something you’re not.
  • By discerning between what you can and can’t control, you can access peace no matter what happens–without having to “build yourself up” or “fake it until you make it”.
  • By learning to listen and align with your internal rhythms and the underlying harmony of the Universe, you can learn to dance with life rather than struggle to succeed.

This is a spiritual (but not religious) approach. I use the word “Tao” to speak to that subtle rightness that we can learn to listen to and live in accordance with. This isn’t a dogma or a belief system–just a sense of the way the world is, based on my own experience and various approaches I’ve studied.

If you are new here, you may want to start with the Principles of Non-Striving or How to Run a Non-Striving Business.  Contact me if you have any feedback or questions.  ~Emma